Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Topic- Brian Bobb

Hey guys!

So I emailed our professor asking if I could talk to him and the rest of the group about our individual thesis statements. I did not want to pick something that someone else was thinking about writing about becasue I remember a little bit of overlap with our discussion in class.

What I am thinking sparked from the lecture given on ready-mades. I was interested in the idea of how an ordinary object that everyone is familiar with can be viewed as art by placing it into different context. Street art has a lot to do with context and its meaning comes out of how it was placed. They both share a relationship of being familiar, yet surprising. So, I would be discussing examples of how familiar imagery changes meaning and perspective based on how it is placed into context. 

You can let me know what you guys think in class or you can respond to the blog. Thanks! PS- Nice post Jenna!

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